Monday, February 13, 2017

Cover Designs! #10

It's been almost a year since my last Cover Designs post. But when I saw the dress on the cover of The Three Sisters Bar & Hotel, I knew I had to post about it! What is Cover Designs? It's when I see a dress on the cover of a book and try to match up a pattern and fabric to recreate that dress in real life.

This is a classic fit & flare dress, and there were many close possibilities to choose from. But after much pondering, I've selected New Look 6143.

Made from a red crepe or even a fine boucle, this dress would match the cover nicely, with View B's mid-length sleeve, but no overlay. The skirt on the cover dress looks pleated, rather than gathered, and that is reflected in this pattern also.

Maybe it could be made with this japanese cotton:

Or this viyella (cotton-wool blend):

And accessorized with these rugged mountain-friendly brogues

 and this green bangle

And of course this rugged suitcase to carry it all with you.

Tell me, would you wear this on your next mountain escape? 


I wore something slightly similar on my own last trip to Canmore, the inspiration for the town of Gateway in this novel. But the pattern wasn't quite right, with a gathered skirt instead of pleats, and my sleeves weren't quite long enough. Also, it wasn't red ;)


  1. Nice choices! Love the shoes! I would wear jeans or shorts on my mountain escape or possibly snow pants depending on the weather :)

    1. Haha, snow pants! Necessary at some times of year, for sure.

  2. Melwyk, it's good to see this feature back, and to see a picture of you. These dresses are really cute. I'd wear them to a nice dinner on my mountain escape. ;)

    1. Thanks! The pic of me isn't the best -- squinting into the hazy day -- but it was the best shot of the dress :)

  3. Love the feature! Such cool shoes and I totally would wear the bangle and dress. Although for a mountain adventure I'd probably wear cargo pants for all the pockets for maps, camera, notebook and snacks. haha!

    1. I would also wear all these, including the super cool shoes. But would need a purse for snacks as well ;)


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