Monday, August 01, 2016

August is #WomenInTranslation Month

It's the 3rd annual Women in Translation month, created and hosted by Meytal at Biblibio.

She says:

As the weather begins to turn, the time has come once again to prepare for the third annual Women in Translation Month! This year's goal is simple. No bells, no whistles, no drama.
Just read....

 Read women writers in translation. Share books you love. Seek out new ones. Learn about untranslated masterpieces.... Research and learn. Read.
And spread the word.

I think that is a pretty relaxed reading challenge, right up my alley. And it's also a call to action from a blogger who is doing an awful lot to examine the stats and trends in the field of translation. She tells us that only 30% of new books translated into English are by women. And there are more charts and stats to learn from at her blog, which is always being updated. So, pick up a book by a woman which has been translated from another language this month, and share it. Show that there are people reading and wanting more.

I have a handful of  books I've read recently that I'm going to share this month. Many of them are books translated from French, written by Quebec authors. Even within Canada, access to Quebecoise fiction is an issue that comes up often...I do my best to read it when I can.

You can find suggestions on Meytal's blog, on WomenInTranslation, or by asking some of your favourite book bloggers and/or librarians for ideas.

I recently built a library list sharing some of the books by women in translation that are held by my own library. If you're interested, you can take a look here and maybe get some ideas of your own. (fyi, it is 3 pages long so keep clicking)

Any favourites? Please do recommend any must-reads to me in the comments!


  1. If you want something that's come out relatively recently, anything by Teffi is good! Or Colette or Simone de Beauvoir - two of my favourites!


  2. I don't know Teffi at all, thanks for the rec! I've just finished something by Colette & have to think a bit before sharing my reaction ;)


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