Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cover Designs! #9

After discovering Kurt Palka recently (as noted in my recent review of his novel The Piano Maker) I went back and looked to see what else he'd done. To my surprise, he had one recent novel, Clara -- but has written other novels -- which were published over 20 years ago. So he is back!

Clara is also set during wartime, but this time WWII, and set in Vienna. It looks like another gripping story of right and wrong in uncertain circumstances, featuring a strong female lead. 

But I was also caught by the cover. The striking red dress against the forest background is an interesting contrast. And I think I know how to recreate that look. 

V8997, Misses' Dress

I'd take Vogue 8997 and make a few mix-and-match changes.

I'd use View A for the body, with the addition of sleeves from View C. Using contrast fabrics like perhaps these two, both from, might work:

Bodice from this tiny print

And full skirt from this silkier, orangey charmeuse

To really finish the look, these yellow-toned lace ups would be just about right, I think.

I'm sure we'll see this image repeated on other book covers in future...I'll be watching out for a reappearance of this red dress, as I've noticed a trend both toward women with their backs facing the reader, as well as multiple covers with the same stock image. If you've seen it before, let me know!


  1. I love the look of this classic dress, and hope you will make one! Have a relaxing weekend, Melwyk.

  2. Thanks! I have a similar pattern to this I'm thinking of trying out soon...

  3. That's a great dress! Love the shoes too :) Do you ever make any of them for yourself?

    1. I really do like fit & flare dresses & have made a sewing queue is just about as long as my reading queue these days!


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