Thursday, April 02, 2015

Welcome Poetry Month!

Welcome April...Welcome Poetry Month!

While I try to celebrate poetry year-round by reading it and sharing it, this month is an opportunity to focus on it a little, in the company of many others.

There a few neat things to investigate this poetry month.

To start off  -- I was lucky enough to get involved with this year's online Celebration of Canadian Poetry being hosted by Brick Books -- my appreciation of the poetry of Lorri Neilsen Glenn has just been posted. Check it out -- there are 4 mini-essays a week by various poets and readers of poetry, focused on a poet of the writer's choice. You will find many new names to explore by reading through the short and entertaining stories. (and you can see my original blog review of my favourite of Glenn's books from 2010 too)

As I say in the write-up, her vision has inspired me to combine my love of poetry with my love of sewing, and I am making up a poetry skirt using her words, and this pattern:

Poetry Skirt

Next, check out the Toronto Public Library's new interactive Poetry Map that has just been launched. It's very cool; they've linked lines of poetry which mention Toronto location to that spot on a map -- you can click on each link to find the poetry collection in the library's catalogue. Great idea, and it gives a great random browsing experience.

I'm also lucky to have a handful of beautiful new books of poetry, both from Brick Books and other Canadian publishers, that I'm reading this month, and will of course be sharing with you all. And don't forget to follow Serena at Savvy Verse & Wit this month -- while she always has interesting blog posts, during Poetry Month she outdoes herself and highlights her affection for verse! 


  1. That poetry skirt is a unique idea, and a nice way to begin a month of focus on poetry!

  2. Definitely! Love my poetry :)


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