Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Challenges Wrap Up & 2015 Challenge Roster

2014 was a year with a limited number of Reading Challenges on my plate. I signed up for a big one, the Century of Books project, so only took on a few others along the way. I'm very glad that I chose to do the Century of Books over two years, as there is no way I could have finished it in one! Because I'm still working away on the Century of Books challenge in 2015, I'm limiting the number of new challenges I am joining as well.

Here is how I did with my challenges this year.

Century of Books

Read: 55
Reviewed so far: 32
To read: 45

 Postal Reading Challenge

Oh dear, my own challenge, and I was a miserable failure! As a reader AND as host!
Read: Only 7/12 -- sigh. I had so many more on the TBR!

More Diverse Universe 

I loved jumping in with Aarti's September reading event. I read 3 books that were all interesting, Man by Kim Thuy, Plum Bun by Jesse Redmon Fauset, and Thomas King's The Back of the Turtle.


I enjoyed Carl's Ninth edition of the RIP Challenge. I committed to 2 reads -- but ended up reading 4! None of which were the original two titles I had considered...

This is always a fun challenge.

Dewey's 24 Hr Readathon

While the Readathon is more of an event than a challenge, per se, I was still happy that my schedule allowed me to participate this fall!

I read for 19 hours, and started 7 books, finishing 5. It was a lot of fun.

8th Annual Canadian Book Challenge

Last but not least, there is is the Canadian Book Challenge, one I perennially participate in. It is still ongoing, as it runs from July 1st - July 1st. So far, I've read 9/13. Lots more to come!


So for 2015, I'm going to be primarily focused on two reading challenges, the Century of Books project, and the Canadian Book Challenge.

For the Century of Books, I have 45 titles left to read, and lots to review. I have plans...

For the Canadian Book Challenge, I have 4 more to reach the official total, but 33 more to read and review to surpass my personal best from 2013! So we will see...

These are the only 2 year-long challenges I'm officially joining in 2015. I will most likely still jump in on a few shorter ones, like the RIP, but I'll decide that when they arise. Good luck with all of your own challenges this year -- and remember, have fun!


  1. Looks like you did pretty well overall! Good luck with the 2015 challenges! Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year to you as well! I have so many good books ahead for the rest of the Century of Books...

  2. Look forward to seeing what you'll read for the Canadian Book Challenge next!

    1. I have a couple of reviews of EXCELLENT reads to write up very soon. And some good titles on the tbr...

  3. Looks good. I like the way you did this wrap-up too.


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