Sunday, October 19, 2014

Readathon: Late Night Update

It's 1 a.m. here, making it Hour 17, I guess... the Readathon image above is just how I feel right now! I may finish off another book before I am through, but have certainly been enjoying whizzing through my reading list today. I've enjoyed what I've picked up, and have found some interesting connections between the books I've chosen -- lots of similar references even between books published in England in the 40's and American books from the 60's -- sisterly relationships, oddly similar marriages...many things that I'm sure I'll sort out once I'm done all of my reading for today.

But here's my current update.

Title of book(s) read since last update:

Three-Legged Horse by Ann Hood -- done
Faith Fox by Jane Gardam -- still working on

Number of books read since you started:

4 completed; 4 dipped into

Pages read since last update:

344 p.

Running total of pages read since you started:

1122 p.

Amount of time spent reading since last update:

3 h. 15 min.

Running total of time spent reading since you started

12 h. 50 min.


If you can find a book that really catches you so that you get really caught up in the storyline and don't watch the clock or jump online constantly, the time really flies! I've met some really interesting women so far today, and have a few more to follow up with. 

I've enjoyed feeling like I'm working away on a set list and "accomplishing" something, but fortunately I've also been entertained and amused by the good reading. On the other hand, I've read the first chapters of a couple of the books on my list and decided they weren't what I was looking for today. That's one reason I make such a huge stack of possible reading for an event like this. 

Just a while longer before I'll be too tired to go on. For now, a nice mug of hot chocolate and some Barbara Pym to finish things off!

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