Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cover Designs! #6

And now for another installment in my occasional feature: "women facing away on book covers" matched up with a modern pattern that can recreate the look of her outfit, with some creative license!

I recently discovered this fabulous vintage cover over at The Dusty Bookcase, whose review is entertaining in itself -- this book sounds lurid, dreadful, and like a good argument for why 'vintage' is not always better.

As soon as I saw that dame's back I knew instantly which pattern could replicate that look. The brassy hair, however, is another story...

I would choose Vogue 8728
See, even the gloves and shoes are right on!

This back view provides a better comparison. Lengthen this one
slightly, perhaps reduce the fullness of the skirt slightly...spot on.

This line drawing gives a clear view. Exchange
the skinny belt for a wide green sash and you are done.

This cover model clearly does things her own way, including what really should be a vintage fashion faux pas in her colour choices ("blue and green should never be seen") I can only think she's reaching into her green purse for a revolver...


  1. The vintage book may not be your cup of tea, but I do like the dress (Vogue 8728). Fun post!

    1. I like 8728 as well; I even bought myself a copy of the pattern -- now to see if I ever get around to making it!

  2. Spot on pattern for that dress! Makes me wish I was a better seamstress and could sew my own clothes. :)

    1. I have many more ideas for sewing dresses than I ever actually get to sewing...but it's fun :)


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