Thursday, May 01, 2014

Postal Reading Challenge: May Link Ups

Please add links to any of your May Postal Reading or images of outgoing mail here!


  1. Hi! April's link no longer worked, so I'll muster my reviews here. For the moment, because so many great books qualify with your flexible parameters, I've omitted "Crocodile On The Sandbank" & "The Curse Of The Pharaohs". The novels are supposed to be the protagonist's journal but I was unsure it was fair to use them because they don't show up as entries. It's merely understood, via comment at the start and conclusion, that the Amelia Peabody adventures comprise her memoirs.

    Wow, is part of this showing received & sent mail? I am one who never stopped real mail all of my life. It is regular! :-) Yours Truly, Carolyn. ["Ethereal"| "My Kind Of Mystery" | "Gentle Spectrums"]

    1. I too love the Amelia Peabody books, but you're right, the connection to postal reading is pretty vague... ;) They are super fun though!

  2. Is there a June link up post? If so, I can't seem to see it. :-)

  3. Whoops....sorry everyone! Forgot to post the June linkup page! It's up nowalong with the others


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