Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cover Designs! #4

I haven't done a Cover Designs post lately, but I have been sewing like mad. Plus watching a lot of the Great British Sewing Bee. So dresses (my favourite thing to sew) have been on my mind. And then I shelved this book at work this week:


Jennie Rooney's Red Joan is a tale of a woman unmasked as a former Soviet spy, when in her 80's, after a most respectable post-war life. I love a good spy story, and this swingy wartime dress in a very 40's silhouette and fabric choice caught my eye as well. I think I've found a perfect match in a vintage 40's pattern.

Here's an original Mail Order vintage pattern for a dress with pintucks at waist and neck, and those puffed sleeves from the Red Joan cover. It's even a polka dot fabric! I love how our model below is looking up from her book... what other accessory do you really need?

This pattern comes from a site called So Vintage Patterns, a place that sewists and social historians alike can get lost in for hours...

These red shoes from Modcloth would
clinch the deal...


  1. That is a great match for the cover! Melwyk, you have a real talent for this. I would like a vintage dress like that!

  2. Thank you -- I love this one :)


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