Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cover Designs! #2

This sporty look is the second in my Cover Designs series, in which l try to match up a cover design with possible patterns & sometimes fabrics that I think would work together to make a great knock-off of the cover dress. 

I've just discovered this author, Gale Martin. Here is her Grace Unexpected, a "chick lit" novel featuring a young woman in a jazzy orange shift on its cover, facing away from us again. While this style is completely unsuited to my own figure, I can imagine it looking fabulous on someone young, tall and slender. 

This recent design from the Workroom line from New Look seems like a close match. This pattern uses a woven fabric, with a back zip and a pleated skirt. If the material was changed to a knit, you could easily leave out the back zip and gather the skirt instead of pleating, resulting in a perfect match. 

A fabric like this might work nicely

Toss on the perfect accessories and the look is complete...
Maybe these

And these, to really capture the cover look :)


  1. This is a fun feature! This would be a fun outfit for spring or summer here.

  2. I love the design (and the orange!) but know this style would not suit me...still fun to imagine though!

  3. Melwyk, I love what you did with the girl on the cover of my novel. The shoes and earrings you paired with that dress are to die for. What a clever idea.

  4. I loved it. I want to put a link to this post in my next newsletter!


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