Thursday, April 04, 2013

Poetry Month returns...

So it's April again, and already, and I didn't get any poetry month celebrations planned out! But fortunately for me, there are other bloggers more organized, and I can leap in and participate with their well planned events :)

I'm thinking mainly of Serena at Savvy Verse & Wit, who is a champion of poetry all year round, but in April she goes all out, and hosts a spectacular month of poetry-focused blogging by a variety of poetry reading bloggers. I'm going to be chiming in on the 28th, but until then, check out her blog, and the schedule for all the poetic musings happening as part of her National Poetry Month Blog Tour Event:

April 1:  Savvy Verse & Wit Kick-Off
April 5:  Regular Rumination
April 6:  Booking Mama
April 8:  Maximum Exposure
April 9:  The Picky Girl
April 10: Tabatha Yeatts
April 11:  Book Snob
April 13:
April 14:  Rhapsody in Books
April 16:  Lost In Books
April 17:  Diary of an Eccentric
April 18:  Still Unfinished
April 20:  Bermudaonion Weblog
April 21:  Insatiable Booksluts
April 23:  So Many Books
April 24:  Lit and Life
April 25:  A Bookish Way of Life
April 26: Life’s a Stage
April 27:  Insatiable Booksluts
April 29:  Pen Paper Pad
April 30:  Worducopia


A few other fun poetry month goings-on: over at Brick Books (where it is also all poetry, all the time) they've created a Poetry Map. They note that it includes "recordings of Brick Books poets reading from their works; behind-the-scenes diaries of the writing process; excerpts and more.Check it out, it is great fun to explore -- and while you're there, take a listen to some of their extensive collection of podcasts!

Plus, the Literary Press Group has an amazing 30-Day Coast-to-Coast Poetry Project, with a lineup of 35 poets taking readers across Canada from one end to the other. They post a poem and then a Q&A with the poet, and, there's also a twitter/FB contest so definitely explore their blog!

And, of course, there is the ongoing #todayspoem hashtag on twitter, if you haven't yet participated, take a look. Post a link to a fave poem, a beautiful line, or simply explore all the poems that have been shared so far. There is also a #todayspoem Pinterest board if you prefer that method of exploration.

So just a few ways to celebrate poetry a little more loudly this month ~ hope you plan on enjoying it too!

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  1. I will "celebrate poetry a little more loudly this month". Wonderful post!


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