Friday, December 28, 2012

Challenges, the 2012 Wrap Up

I ambitiously signed myself up for many reading challenges this year... but ended up not really following through on many of them. I still enjoy sifting through possibilities and making book lists, nonetheless, so signing up is never wasted time! Here are the results of my buffet of readerly choice this year.

What's In a Name 5

I love this challenge! It is so fun, with the books chosen by their connection via title to random categories chosen by the host, Beth Fish Reads. It's always entertaining to see how people interpret the categories, and the vast diversity of reading that it spawns. I finished the challenge this year, my updated titles can be found on my original sign up post.

Canadian Book Challenge

This yearly favourite, hosted by John at Book Mine Set, is only half done, as it runs July 1 - July 1. The goal is 13 Canadian reads, I am at 10 reads so far. This is a perennial favourite, and a great way to find new titles as well... John's wrap-up posts are huge resources for Canadian reading choices!

Science Book Challenge

I did better than last year...the small amount required to read is 3 titles... I made it to two!

2012 Fearless Poetry Exploration

This one I was successful at! The goal was to read and review 2 books of poetry and be part of the April Poetry Blog Tour. I read and reviewed 4 titles (found here) Hurrah for poetry :)

Eastern Europe Challenge

I had great intentions to read 8 books set in Russia & Ukraine. I read 1/8. Oh well!

Tea & Books Challenge
Goal: to read 4 chunksters of over 700 pages.... I read 0 toward this goal! Sigh. Missed out this year!

Truth in Fiction Challenge
Another super creative challenge, to read one fiction & nonfiction on the same subject and review together. I didn't get his done. But great idea!

Of course I also participated in my favourite seasonal challenge, the RIP Challenge, hosted once again by the lovely Carl of Stainless Steel Droppings, and I completed it this year as well!


  1. It sounds like you enjoyed reading for the challenges (and making the lists) and isn't enjoying what you do really the point? Good work!

  2. Mary - yes, fun is the key thing! I know those of us who do like reading challenges generally do it just for entertainment's sake :)

  3. Wow that's a lot of challenges! What a great way to sample books and see what others are reading. Truth in Fiction looks particularly interesting - I'll have to look into that.

  4. Trish - the Truth in fiction was a great idea...don't know if she's hosting again but if so I'd give it another go...

  5. Looks like you did pretty well with your challenges. The Canadian Book Challenge is also a favourite of mine.

  6. Jules, yes, not too badly...and I am always up to try another :)


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