Friday, January 06, 2012

Happy Ukrainian Christmas!

Happy Ukrainian Christmas!!

Enjoy yourself with some great Ukrainian singing and dancing to celebrate this wonderful holiday.

Then eat! If you're really going to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas, food is key :)
Meatless dishes are traditional for Ukrainian Christmas, especially for Holy Supper on Christmas Eve. You can imagine what a perfect holiday this is for a vegetarian Ukrainian like myself!


  1. Ahh, what a terrific clip.
    And a very Merry Ukrainian Christmas to you.
    My older brother did all of these Ukrainian dances, back in the day.
    Thank you for reminding me of all the AMAZING FOOD I AM MISSING OUT ON, BACK HOME IN SASKATCHEWAN.
    I think I miss the holoptsi the most.

  2. Cipriano - holoptsi...mmmm. My aunt's were like manna from heaven. My own are the lazy style, nice but not quite so exquisite.

    Happy Christmas to you as well!

  3. holoptsi..mmmmmm indeed. I used to make them but now I "cheat": I call up the ladies auxiliary at St. Vladmir's Ukrainian Orthodox Church and buy from them...just like grandma used to make :-) More free time for me, more $$ for the church. Win win in my opinion!

  4. My Mother used to make both kinds of holoptsi, the Lazy and the Vigorous.
    I love them all. My sisters and brother carry on the tradition, replicating the recipe to near perfection, but seriously, there is nothing like my dear [departed] mother's cooking.
    How you do the cabbage part is more important than a lot of people realize.
    Ukrainian Christmases, a thing of the past for me, are something I will never ever forget. Not just the food, either -- but just everything about it.
    The picture at the top of your blog posting reminds me of how my mom [and dad, for that matter] used to talk of their own childhood Christmases in the boonies of snowed-in rural Saskatchewan. There was this legend told to the children that on Christmas Eve the animals in the barn were able, on that night, to speak to each other. And they fully believed it.

  5. What a wonderful Christmas gift this post is!

    Volyn is one of my favourite groups (it gets a fair bit of airplay on Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio) and my non-Ukrainian hubby also absolutely adores them. So it was a real joy to watch this video.

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! (And, yes, that sounds like the perfect meal!)

  7. Pawlina - thanks for reminding me about Nash Holos!! So excited to get listening again :)

    BIP - thanks!! It is my favourite dinner of the year ;)


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