Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Challenges Finished

I signed up for various Challenges this year, and as usual, completed some and completely failed at others! The important thing was, though, that all of them appealed to me for some reason and got me looking around at new reading potential. I don't like to overextend myself and feel obliged to read for any reason -- but I am pretty relaxed about reading challenges. I consider them fun ways to broaden my knowledge of books on various topics, and to encounter new bloggers and reviewers in a very enjoyable manner. So I continue on with Challenges!

This year's Challenges (and their results!) are as follows:

Canadian Book Challenge 5 (by John Mutford at Book Mine Set)

I love this challenge -- it's still ongoing, as it runs July 1st - July 1st each year in honour of our country's birthdate. I know I'll sign up for it again, as usual. The requirements are to read at least 13 Canadian books. The kind of reading you do is completely up to you, and there ends up being a huge variety of titles shared. My theme this year is "Small Press-Palooza" and I'm encountering many of the wonderful small presses which Canada has in abundance. And my total is at 13 already!

What's In A Name 4 hosted by Beth Fish Reads

I've enjoyed this challenge in all of its years so far. It is so oddly random -- choosing a book by a feature of its title -- that it feels like a game. I always have fun with it, and this year I actually read all 6 books for the 6 categories which were selected.

(The updated titles are noted on my original post)

Science Book Challenge hosted by Jeff of Scienticity

Alas, I've failed miserably at this one -- not sure why, as I usually love to read science books...guess I was distracted this year! I managed to read one title, Einstein Wrote Back by John Moffat, a physicist at an institute near me.

Nordic Book Challenge hosted by Zee at Notes from the North

I like Nordic fiction, and thought this would be a great impetus to explore a little further. Unfortunately I didn't get to read all the books on my "possibilities" list but I did get to a few, and also found some wonderful new titles that I now want to try! I only read 1/3 for this challenge!

Eastern Europe 2011 Challenge hosted by Amy at The Black Sheep Dances

I had high hopes for this one: I love to read books set in this area. I did read quite a few and even have a few outstanding reviews for books I've recently finished...but I know I won't get reviews done in 2011! Anyhow, I read and reviewed 5 good books for this challenge so beat my target of 4 -- and good news, this challenge is continuing for 2012 :)
(updated titles)


  1. You've done so much better with your challenges than I have!!! :)

  2. andi - actually I surprised myself doing this roundup - hadn't thought I'd read as much!


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