Thursday, June 30, 2011

Creative Days this month

I've had so much fun with the 30 Days of Creativity project! Each day in June, participants were supposed to create something and share it. While I've been lax about posting pictures of all my projects I've enjoyed the push to create...and I wasn't creating great works of art or even anything lasting, but it was the impetus to look at things differently each day that I found enlivening.

By focusing on creativity daily, and also being reminded of the vast creative impulse by looking at all the projects others were posting, my playful energies were restored and I found each little project entertaining. Somehow it gave me a sense of wider horizons, offering a chance to look outside my habitual perceptions.

All this from a little glue, paper, fabric and foodstuffs! Who knew? While I made some kitchen goods and sewed a bit, a lot of my creative output referred in some way to bookish themes (quelle surprise, I know). Thought I'd share a few of the book/writing related projects I've made this month.

Day 2: A Bookish Business Card Holder (I think this was one of my favourite things)

Day 18: folded corner-tab bookmarks

Day 13: Earrings from fountain pen nibs - I especially liked the ink reservoir cutouts in this set

And lastly, a dream board collage for my business, Four Rooms Creative Self Care (this was really fun to make)

Just a few of the things I made during a month long creativity extravaganza! Lots of fun, and surprisingly inspirational.


  1. I love the folded corner tab bookmarks! My daughter made a slightly different version for me using the corners of pink party invitation envelopes. The fountain pen nib earrings are too cute, do you sell these??

  2. Wanda - envelope corners are a quick fix, for sure! Great idea. And I'm not selling these earrings...yet...working on some ideas ;)

  3. Happy to see the word "yet". If I don't catch the ideas your working on and you come up with something similar to those earrings that you would consider selling, give me a nudge.


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