Monday, March 07, 2011

Some stuff I've seen

A quick little sharing of a few links I've noticed lately...

I'll start with myself ;)

Over at my business blog I've started posting a series called "ShelfHelp", a series of book recommendations based on a specific need or theme. This week's theme is March Forth, taking advantage of the date to encourage us to make the change we need to in our lives. Pop over and give it a listen if that sounds like something you might want to learn about.

Then over at Eco-Libris they are starting up an Earth Day Campaign called "41 Reasons to Plant a Tree for your Book" You can suggest reasons to do so and starting on Earth Day they will post 41 of the best reasons they receive. Gift card to The Strand, and various books and audiobooks are available for prizes!

Finally, this art has been making the rounds, but thought I'd share a bit of Brian Dettmer's book sculptures. His website has tons of images to enjoy and some info about him and his exhibitions. Here is one example from his 2010 collection.

Just some bookish fun for a lazy afternoon!

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