Thursday, December 30, 2010

Great Viewings 2010

I found quite a number of amusing, moving and enjoyable videos this year through various bloggers and bookish connections. Here are a few of my favourites, for your entertainment.

1. Totally Hip Video Book Reviewer
Of course, the top new viewing of the bookish year. Hilarious, self-deprecating and very clever, Ron Charles of the Washington Post (and his family members) have created an addictive series of videos. I am always awaiting the next one!

2. Old Spice Guy
The viral success of the Old Spice Guy was made perfect for me by his mention of libraries. Funny, delightful nonsense.

3. Wellness Meditation
My sister, author of Introspection and owner of Sole Purpose Books, created a wellness meditation using her own photos and music, which I really like -- and not just because my sister created it :) It is really calming on days I feel especially frazzled.

And last but not least, I am sharing this video with you with the caveat that this was my first public speaking be gentle ;) I gave a speech at our local Ignite event in November -- it was entitled "A Novel Prescription: Reading for the Health of It"

I hope you'll enjoy, although I am quite sure I am preaching to the choir with my blog readers :)

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  1. I think your speech was brilliant. Very well put together and highlighted the need for a seemingly disappearing skill in today's world. Perhaps your next speech will be on the importance of being able to spell?? :-)

    Well done!


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