Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No more November??

What? Where did November go? I am amazed that so much time has elapsed since the last time I posted here... I have so much to catch up on. I've been reading some great books, and want to talk about them. Things just get -- really busy -- somehow.

November has been a pretty good month, even if it has gone by in a flash. First, I organized the first Wellness Info Fair here in my hometown, a day of information and interaction with 18 local businesspeople involved in wellness in some way. We had a wide variety of options, from counselling to cranio-sacral massage to cleaning supplies. It was really fun and inspiring but it did take a lot of my focus over the past few weeks. I was, of course, representing my business Four Rooms Creative Self Care, which focuses on journaling and bibliotherapy to facilitate personal wellness. I do love literature! I've also created a PDF full of suggestions on how to use journaling to create homemade, frugal and meaningful Christmas gifts...if you love journaling as much as I do, sign up for my Four Rooms newsletter and then download the pdf for some ideas. I've given many of these gifts myself.

Then, I faced one of my greatest fears head on... I gave a speech at the first Ignite event in our area. Yes, I am quite terrified of public speaking but this year I really wanted to do something that scared me. This certainly qualified! Ignite speeches are exactly five minutes long so I thought it wouldn't be too hard. And my theme was, not surprisingly, all about reading. The combination of time constraints and a great topic made it actually not too bad at all. Now that my brain has calmed down from these two events right on top of each other I can finish some of the books I had stopped reading, and post about some others that I have enjoyed but never got a chance to talk about.

Thank goodness for a little peace and quiet :)


  1. Good for you for doing something scary! And surviving!!

  2. Wow, you've been busy! And, ditto Ms. Fizz's comment. Way to go!

  3. softdrink & Bookfool -- thanks so much! It was scary but so worth it to force myself to do it. And the talks were all filmed...


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