Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

What is the best way to spend Halloween? Reading, eating chocolate, and updating my RIP V status, of course!

I nearly finished my reading for this year's RIP, but still have about a third of the way to go in The Woman in White, so can't count it -- though I will finish it, soon, as it is great entertainment. I do love Wilkie Collins.

I did read two books by Ray Bradbury, one vintage reread (The Slayer of Souls), and a new novel, the spooky magician's tale The Art of Disappearing. So I've actually completed the Challenge even while I still have the Collins to finish up.

It's amazing how many participants there are in this Challenge, and the resultant HUGE additions to my reading list. Some of the authors I want to explore are Arthur Machen, who I put on my list but never got to; Marghanita Laski; and Ludmilla Petrushevskaya. So many more to read! But, as I've said before, a large TBR is a reader's life insurance plan.

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  1. Those sound like perfect Halloween plans to me :) Have fun with The Woman in White! It's such a great book. (Also, I need to rear Armadale soon.)


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