Thursday, September 02, 2010

Reading a Red & White Streak

I've been reading a blue streak this summer, though not blogging at the same speed. I should really change the expression to reading a "Red & White" streak, though, as it has nearly all been Canadian writers who've fascinated me. I was inspired by this year's Canadian Book Challenge to set myself the task of reading authors who are new to me, and for some reason, after reading one or two I became addicted and can't stop picking up new Canadian authors! I now have seven reviews will try to catch up on reviews a little bit, and share some of the fantastic new authors I've discovered.

The first up, following along with the batch of books set in Ontario that I've already read (all Ontarian by chance) is Jeanette Lynes' The Factory Voice. After that, I have a couple of French Canadian books, then a few set in BC, and one in Atlantic Canada. Looks like I'll need to find a couple set somewhere on the Prairies as well. If I keep this up I just may meet my Canadian Challenge early for once!

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  1. Mel, have you tried anything by Timothy Findley or Mordecai Richler? They are both fantastic. Findley is, by far, my favorite novelist of all time.


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