Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lazy Sundays

It's a lazy Sunday morning, a nice change from the busy week. Of course I'm taking advantage of this time to have a nice cup of tea and catch up on some of my reading. I have so many great books ahead of me right now -- a wide variety, actually. Thought I'd share a few of the titles I have on the stack; if you have read any of them please share your recommendations and comments.

I'm nearly done with Dorothy Sayer's Busman's Honeymoon. is so romantic. I can't believe I've left it this long to get acquainted with the delicious Lord Peter Wimsey. I first read Gaudy Night, then went back to read the first two books that feature both Lord Peter and Harriet Vane. Sadly, this is the last that Sayers herself wrote featuring my two favourites. Time to begin again!

I've begun a few Canadian novels, all of which seem fascinating thus far. I'm halfway through Aimée Laberge's Where the River Narrows, a multigenerational family story set in Quebec and steeped in history. Plus it has a librarian. I love it. I've also picked up a couple others that I've only read the first couple of pages of, to see if they might interest me. Jeanette Lynes' The Factory Voice, Rachael Preston's The Wind Seller and Kyo Maclear's The Letter Opener are all on tap for possible future Canadian Book Challenge reads.

But, after looking at my working stack and then all my shelves, then at my Sunday schedule -- parties later on! -- I must sign off and get back to the books. Hope everyone is able to have a readable day as well.


  1. Your progress on your New-to-you Canlit reads project is definitely inspiring; I've yet to read one from my list, although I did pick up a copy of Icefields the other day, thanks to your encouragement. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Busman's Honeymoon is so good! If like me you get withdrawal symptoms when you're done, Sayers wrote two short stories featuring Harriet and Lord Peter and their children - they're the final two stories in the Lord Peter collection. They only give us small glimpses of their future life, but they were wonderful anyway.

  3. Isn't it nice sometimes to just stay home and sip tea or, you know, have a cup of the BETTER stuff? [ie., --> coffee?]
    This is what I did today -- just stayed home, with lots of dark coffee and a fabulous book. Would have gone out, but it is raining, in a socked-in sort of way, here in the nation's capital.
    Funny you should mention this particular Sayers book.... I have had Busman's Honeymoon on my shelf for about a hundred years...... have never read it yet.
    Perhaps -- next rainy day!

  4. Wow, a multi-generational family saga with a librarian in it? Sounds IDEAL.

  5. Buried in Print - oh, I hope you enjoy Icefields. I liked the author's style but I know some people found it dull (sacrilege!)

    Nymeth - Thanks for the info...I am totally going through withdrawal and ready to start again; now I know that I have a little newness left...

    Cipriano - I guess coffee would work too - the key is the BOOKS! ;) I wouldn't mind a rainy day, they are so conducive to reading.

    Emily Jane - lots of history, lots of bookish & librarianish stuff. It's great.

  6. I had an incredibly lazy Sunday too, and it was nice! You make me want to read Busman's Honeymoon. I really loved Gaudy Night and would probably love that one as well.

  7. Dorothy - do try's almost as good as Gaudy Night (the beginning is wonderfully funny)

  8. Glad to hear a positive review of Sayers. I read _Five Red Herrings_ last week, and I just about wanted to shoot myself. If you are attempting a read of the complete Wimsey, leave this one out. My husband was reading The Nine Tailors, and I kept wanting to ditch mine and read his. Alas, while I can ditch a novel I cannot ditch a mystery and I read on to the bitter end.

  9. Nathalie - ah haha...I was just reading 5 Red Herrings and gave up on it -- the awful Scots dialogue! The tedious timetables! Aargh. Should have warned everyone ;) I skipped to the end to find out who did it and took it back to the library. Try the ones with Harriet Vane in them, they are much better.


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