Friday, June 18, 2010

José Saramago, 1922-2010

News today that José Saramago, renowned Portuguese author, has died at 87. His work was acknowledged with a richly deserved Nobel Prize in 1998.

I am greatly saddened by this news. I loved his books; they were such immersive reading experiences that I can remember my exact surroundings as I read each one. I recall that I read Baltasar & Blimunda in a small paperback (my first Saramago) while on a long-distance bus trip. When I think about it I can even recall the scenery that I saw as I looked up from the book. I remember The Cave (a favourite) as I read late into the night, despite having to work in the morning. And, I suppose fortunately, I haven't read all of Saramago's earlier work so I have something to pick up now, in memory of the great writer who has left the world a legacy of deep, original thought, told beautifully.


  1. I have just one of his books, given to me by my godson for my last birthday. I haven't yet read it, but must bring it to the top of the pile. I'm sorry it's such a sad event that has jogged my memory.

  2. I was really sad to hear the news. His writing is so wonderful, I'm sure you'll be rewarded by your reading. Which book is it?

  3. I found out this morning and have been rather sad all day.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful tribute to my favorite living and [well, I still can't say the other word]...... author.
    The one -- the only,
    Jose Saramago.


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