Friday, April 02, 2010

What can poetry tell you?

What can poetry tell you? Well, many things. Including your fortune, thanks to Dani Couture!

*photo from Dani Couture's site
This is the coolest use of poetry I've seen in a while, and she's made it shareable - go to her site to print off your own poetry fortune teller. This week you can get the first one, featuring poets Moritz, Robertson, Richards & Wright, but the fun doesn't end there. You can go back for more on April 7 and April 21. Have fun printing, folding, and finding guidance for the future ;)


  1. I haven't seen one of those since grade school. And I'll confess to printing it out and struggling through all of the folds. But I got it to work!

  2. Stefanie -I know! Love the idea.

    Softdrink - I had an instant flashback to grade school when I saw it. Good for you for getting it right! I'm glad she included folding instructions, or I'd have had to track down some 3rd grade girl to teach me how to do it ;) Amazing how we forget these things.

  3. This is such fun - thanks for sharing the link! Off to print one now...


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