Sunday, March 07, 2010

Grenadian Banana Bread

I just read Ann Vanderhoof's latest travel memoir, The Spice Necklace, and loved it. One of the things I found intriguing were the recipes at the end of each chapter, highlighting a speciality of the island she had been visiting in that chapter. Chapter 1 featured her time in Grenada, where the primary export is (was?) nutmeg. After Hurricane Ivan, hundreds of the nutmeg trees were destroyed and Grenada is just beginning to recover from that damage.

In light of the importance of nutmeg to the island, Vanderhoof included a few recipes featuring the spice at the end of the chapter. The one which caught my eye was "Grenadian Banana Bread with Chocolate, Rum and Nutmeg" (just those words alone were irresistible!) So here is my first attempt at this loaf; after one slice I can tell you it won't be my last! It is like a fruit bread in its consistency, but very redolent with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove, with an aroma of rum. Delicious, and very rich - you won't need a lot at one time. The Spice Necklace is now available everywhere, pick up a copy for a fascinating travel read and lots of tempting recipes.


  1. the loaf looks lovely - and I love travel weriting so this is a fascinating book to read about. Thanks you for sharing


  2. This is the kind of post that needs a NSFW tag; now I'm hungry, and I have a yen to whip up some of this banana bread but is there an oven in sight? Nooooo.

  3. Hannah - hope you'll be able to find a copy, it was a good travel read.

    Susannah - I am so sorry that you don't have an oven in sight. FYI, it tastes even better the second day ;)

  4. Oh wow, that looks so good!

  5. I have picked nutmegs fresh off the tree when i was in St. Vincent, one island north of Grenada.

    This sounds good, will add the book to my TBR list.


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