Friday, January 15, 2010

More Matching Cover Art

Another occurence, so soon! I just discovered that three books (all of which I really enjoyed) have the same covers. One has just recently been released, which is why the similarity caught my eye and twigged my memory. The image does suit each of the stories, though... how interesting.

1. One of my favourite short story collections of the past few years, Sarah Klassen's Feast of Longing.

2. The Haunted House, a collection of stories by Dickens, Gaskell, Collins and other Victorian luminaries gathered for the Christmas issue of his magazine.

3. Marthe Jocelyn's How it happened in Peach Hill, a YA novel about a girl living with a professional psychic for a mother -- it was released in paperback last year, with this image on the US cover. (author is local to me and is a wonderful writer, btw)


  1. As you may already know, I'm a bit obsessed with finding similar covers. It's always fun to find more than duplicates!

  2. How funny! I've never seen that before--I wonder how that happens, a stock photo place that all publishers use?

  3. avisannschild - yes, you are much better at noting such things than I am :) These ones caught my eye as I've read all three.

    Gentle Reader - yes, I believe it is due to the consolidation of some stock photo companies, and the decreasing $$ publishers have to spend on designers as well. But that is just my uninformed opinion, don't take it for gospel truth.

  4. FYI, I just tried to add you on Library Thing, where I am known as allykat. :)


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