Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Bit of This & That

Here are a few interesting bits of news I thought were worth passing on:

In yesterday's Globe & Mail business section, Sheelagh Whittaker, director at Imperial Oil and Standard Life, shared a list of "My Convictions About Leadership". One I found of particular interest was this --

"Reading fiction and biography in quantity can help you think about how to live your own life".

I loved that! Her other tips are also quite elegantly put; she seems like someone I wouldn't mind having for a boss :)

For all of those partipating in the Clover, Bee & Reverie poetry challenge, or those who simply love a good deal on modern poetry, Brick Books has announced a great sale to celebrate their 35th year in business. They are offering the chance to buy up to 5 books from their backlist for $10 each (shipping extra). I can recommend P.K. Page's Hologram: a book of glosas (includes the poem she is reading in the video I recently posted); or Karen Connelly's This Brighter Prison; or Robyn Sarah's Questions about the Stars; or many of the other wonderful authors available like Frances Itani, Helen Humphreys, Janice Kulyk Keefer, or Don McKay.

You could also get a copy of Randall Maggs' Night Work: the Sawchuk poems -- this is one I'm really excited about as Randall Maggs is reading from this book at my library this coming Thursday as part of Stratford's Hockey Day in Canada celebrations. Come to the reading (2 pm on Thursday, Jan.28) if you are in the vicinity for a fascinating study of how he created a biography in verse of a well-known personality, one which has alreaady won many awards and effortlessly leaps the usual chasm between sports and poetry.

This is just neat - graphic designer Beverly Hsu creates Helvetica cookie cutters! Typeface and cookies, can it get any better than that? :)

**Addendum: just brought to my attention, a fascinating discussion of the design behind British road signs, on (of all places) Top Gear. Start watching around 3:33 if you have little interest in the car part of it ;)


  1. Oh my heavens, I CANNOT let Chuck see the Helvetica cookie cutters. He'd buy them in a heartbeat, I feel sure. He's a print/graphic designer, and fonts are his passion. lol

  2. Those cookie cutters are awesome!

  3. I watch Top Gear so saw that bit live. I love the bit where they add the end of the spade onto the roadwork sign. I'd never have guessed that the man opening the umbrella could be changed so much by adding such a tiny bit of black!

  4. Andi - maybe he'd make his own set in a Times New Roman or something... ;)

    Stefanie - I know, I want a set!

    farmlanebooks- wasn't that great? I also liked how Margaret is a bit critical of his artistic spade-drawing skills ;)

  5. I just heard you had dinner with Kitty and Randall last night. Pretty cool! I'm envious of both parties.

  6. John - it was pretty cool! Your turn soon...


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