Friday, September 18, 2009

Final BBAW Day: State of the Blog report

For the last day of BBAW, we are to:

Write in 50 words or less…what do you like best about your blog right now and where would you like your blog to be a year from now?

For me, this question is pretty easy:

1. I like my blogging routine. I'm happy that I finally changed the template even if I still have a few more tweaks to make. I'm happy with my traffic, though I always appreciate comments. I enjoy having a place where I can revel in my reading and other people understand, and care!

2. As for where I'd like to be by next BBAW, probably just caught up with so many new bloggers; update my blogroll and leave more comments. I'd also like to try to review more of the books I read -- I read so many that I don't even mention.

There - just about 50 words each! BBAW has been a great experience this year and lots of fun stuff uncovered. And to think I wasn't planning to participate very much. :)


  1. There's no way we'll be able to catch up with all the bloggers out there!

  2. I'm on a mission to leave more comments too, lol

    Thanks to BBAW, I just found you...a fellow Ontarian too :)

  3. Bermudaonion - I know, BBAW points out just how many book loving people there still are -- the books is NOT dead! ;)

    Mel - well, both our goals met; comments and finding new bloggers -- is having the same name in that list? lol

    gautami - thanks so much! you inspire me by your determination to keep blogging despite your awful experience earlier this year. Your new blog looks great too.

  4. Your blog is beautiful. Thanks to BBAW I've probably add 30 new blogs to my reader, including this one!

  5. Gavin - thank you! I've found so many new blogs as well -- it's amazing.

  6. Hasn't this week been great?! Well, I've neglected the house and the kids (not truly neglected, you know what I mean), and my reading ... but it has been great to see so many facets of the book blogging experience.

    Sounds like you're happy where you are, and are simply looking for a little more growth over the next year - attainable goals!

  7. Review more books?? That's bad news for my TBR pile. :-D

  8. Dawn - I am happy with my blog right now. I don't want to
    pressure myself into trying to make it something else that isn't really me.

    softdrink - evil laughter.... ;)


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