Monday, September 14, 2009

BBAW blog highlights

It's the first day of Book Bloggers Appreciation Week! I'm going to be trying to write daily posts along with all the BBAWers: today's 'assignment' is to highlight some of the blogs you visit often that might not have shown up on the shortlists, so BBAWers can explore them. Then add your post to the list at BBAW -- there are already over 100 posts linked, and new blogs to me popping up everywhere. How exciting! Here are a few that I enjoy regularly -- there are so many of you that I read often: this is just a sampling.

The Guys
We all know that men are in the minority when it comes to book blogging. But it is nice to get their perspective as well, so I'll suggest a couple that I enjoy --

Cipriano is a regular blogger who posts nearly daily, sharing cartoons, quotes, his own poetry, and lots of very funny stories and reviews. I can count on him for a good laugh really often!

John hosts one of my favourite Challenges, the Canadian Book Challenge. He is located way up in Northern Canada, and reads lots of contemporary fiction, poetry, children's books and nearly anything else; and he also has many great features on his blog like Saturday quizzes and a biweekly 2-book showdown. Lots of interest to read here.

Jeff blogs about American politics, social issues, Science, music and books -- always something thought-provoking to find at Bearcastle. And, he hosts the marvellous Science Book Challenge. And, he runs a company promoting science literacy. And, his was one of the first blogs I found by chance way back when I began blogging. Lots of reasons to read him!

Ok, I had better not leave out my own husband's blog! He is an infrequent poster, but always has very thoughtful opinions on books and bibliographic matters. Since he also blogs, he understands my compulsive need to read, write posts and follow hundreds of you, as well! In fact, we've finally broken down and got ourselves a laptop so we can both be blogging at the same time. :)

Then there's the female side of the equation ... so many favourites I will just mention a couple that are fairly new to me:

Booking it Bus StyleRosemary is from LA and writes about books, cooking, and LA life in general. As this is totally unknown to me, I love reading her thoughtful posts about living carless in LA and all that results from that choice.

Kiss a Cloud
Claire reads a wide variety of books and posts about them with lovely images and interesting notes about where she's read things! She is an ambitious reader, recently tackling Bolano's 2666 and Proust, and joins many reading challenges, which provides many opportunities to add to the TBR.

Fleur Fisher ReadsFleur reads things I haven't always heard of -- quite reasonably, seeing as she is in England! She reads, reviews, and knits (with pictures). And even though she's English, she's read one of my favourite bits of Canadian fiction, Ethel Wilson's Hetty Dorval. Yay!

Dreadlock GirlSomehow I had missed coming across Bethany's blog until recently...I am glad I found it because there are lots of great reviews, and great photos. Recently she posted photos of her trip to a rare book room which was absolutely drool-worthy. Plus she rates books by number of chickens, how can I not love that? :)

So these are just a few of the many blogs that enrich my reading life. I have many more in the sidebar, and am always adding to the total.

Now go on over to BBAW's roundup post and prepare to spend some time discovering new voices -- it is addictive!


  1. I could do with more guy power in what I read. Here is mine

  2. LOL thanks for the guys bloggers! Those were the new ones to me. :)

  3. Thanks so much for the super kind shout out! :) And thanks for this awesome list--can't wait to check them all out.

  4. Hey thanks for the shout-out! I'm in good company there, that's for sure.

  5. Thanks so much for the mention, and for pointing out some new blogs. I'll have to go arm-twisting for science-book readers again!

    I think it's cool that you got to my blog by chance; randomness is so important in the universe! I guess I'll have to write more about randomness. Have I mentioned the deep connection between doily design, chaos, and the origin of the universe?

  6. Bluestocking, Amy - I know, there really aren't as many guys out there in the book blogging world!

    Rosemary - I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I could discover you, just in time to wish you much joy!

    John - well, you work so hard at your blog and challenge hosting - I really appreciate all you do!

    Jeff - hahaha - I see a thesis there: Doily Design and the Origin of the Universe. Yes, it was a fortuitous chance that led me to your blog, but it's your brilliant ideas and variety of interests that's kept me coming back. :)

  7. Well, thanks to you, I've added two more blogs to my feed reader! Kiss a Cloud and Booking it Bus Style look like just my type of read...and I had never heard of them before. I have been trying to scale down feed reader (I subscribe to over 300 blogs), but at this rate, I will never have it at a manageable level. It is an addiction!!!


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