Thursday, August 20, 2009

John Quincy Adams: the Ur-Twitterer

I just had to mention this one: if you are on Twitter be sure to follow John Quincy Adams! (@JQAdams_MHS )

This is a project undertaken by the Massachusetts Historical Society; they are twittering his entries from just one of his journals, one in which he noted down very brief observations about weather, the day in general, and what he was reading. They are very brief indeed -- there hasn't seemed to be any difficulty fitting them into Twitter length. I am not even an American and I have still always admired John Quincy Adams - and this project is a great use of Twitter. I think Adams would approve! :)


  1. Very cool! Things like this are the best use the Twitter I have seen!


  2. That's so cool. He's reading some impressive books. :-D

  3. Lezlie - I agree, it's a perfect use of Twitter

    softdrink - I am so glad he noted down the books he was reading! It is really fascinating.


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