Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Two more Reasons to Read

There are two new themes for group reading that I've found in the last couple of days. The first is suggested by John Mutford at The Book Mine Set, as part of the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge. There is only one more month left of the Second challenge; the 3rd will begin July 1 as usual (and I am looking forward to signing up once more). John is encouraging all participants to read Canadian this month to push the total of books read up to 1000 -- we're very close. Even if you aren't formally participating in this Challenge, join us for the month of June and Read Canadian!

The other is a suggestion by HarperCollins -- their summer promotion revolves around the short story, which I have been overlooking a bit recently. It's called Summer is short: Read a story!

For the Canadians reading this, one of the first stories available online is Frances Itani's Bolero. It's from her collection entitled Leaning, leaning over water, one of the choices that HarperCollins Canada is suggesting for this promotion. If you read two of their suggested short story collections, you have a chance to win a new Fall book. Sounds easy and fun; I've read quite a few of the suggested books and there are some fantastic ones on the list.

I'll read some Canadian short stories and do both at once! Especially as The Book Mine Set also hosts Short Story Mondays, so if you do read one, dissect it on your own blog and then link to John's post.

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