Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekly Geeks: Cookbooks Galore

This week the Geeks are talking cookbooks. I love cookbooks and have highlighted this before... see my previous collection roundup to see my favourites. I mainly buy vegetarian and lately vegan cookbooks, unless it is a specific topic I am otherwise interested in, for example, a cookbook about tea or a local, charity cookbook. As for the cookbooks I use most often, I'd say lately I've been trying out quite a few recipes from Jae Steel's Get It Ripe; it's one of my most recent purchases and I'm still getting to know it. She has wonderful cookie recipes!

But the recipe collection I use most frequently is one I've collected myself; over the years as I find recipes I go back to again and again I've written them out on recipe cards and filled a small photo album. It's extremely convenient; each pocket is the size of a recipe card, and made of plastic -- easy to wipe splashes and spills off. And it makes it easy for whoever is making dinner to quickly locate the required favourite recipe, whether it is me or my baking fiend of a husband.


  1. me too. Even tho I have over 200 cookbooks, my favorite is a notebook of collected recipes from friends and family.

  2. I simply search the net for recipes. Cookbooks are not for me!

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  3. My most used cookbook is my compilation, too! I write everything I love to cook in my notebook. :D

  4. I do a little of both. I have several recipes I've cut out of magazines and put into a three-ring binder, and I go back to those.

    Then I have a bunch of cookbooks with yellow post-it-notes sticking off of certain pages, some of them used so much that they're really frayed and faded.

  5. Photo album! That's brilliant. I use a three ring binder with plastic protector thingies (I'm oh so technical) for recipes I've printed off the internet but a photo album is a brilliant idea!

  6. Debbie - I know, at last count I had over 100 cookbooks, but I use my own most.

    Gautami - well, at least you always know where your recipes are! :)

    Claire - I read somewhere that most people have about 7 regular recipes. I guess we all keep our favourites handy.

    Phyl - ah yes, the sticky note phenomenon. I have many of those in my cookbooks and magazines.

    Sassymonkey - the photo album is just the right size. It is handy.


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