Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Month of Poetic Posts

It's back! April brings with it the status of National Poetry Month, and I am going to celebrate once more, just I have in 2007 and 2008, by posting a poem daily. There are many projects ongoing to celebrate the month, and one I find fascinating, which will also give you a poem a day, is the League of Canadian Poets' Poetry Planet blog. You could also read daily interviews with poets over at the National Post's Ampersand, or perhaps read Ben Okri's line-by-line poem he is publishing via Twitter.

I'm setting up a display at the library and hoping to hear some poets reading this month. What about you? Are you organizing/attending/celebrating Poetry events this month?

For the first poem of the month, I am going to share an April-ish verse by American poet Richard Wilbur (b. 1921), beautifully illustrated with a photo by (and of) my lovely niece.

A Storm in April

Some winters, taking leave,
Deal us a last, hard blow,
Salting the ground like Carthage
Before they will go.

But the bright, milling snow
Which throngs the air today—
It is a way of leaving
So as to stay.

The light flakes do not weigh
The willows down, but sift
Through the white catkins, loose
As petal-drift

Or in an up-draft lift
And glitter at a height,
Dazzling as summer’s leaf-stir
Chinked with light.

This storm, if I am right,
Will not be wholly over
Till green fields, here and there,
Turn white with clover,
And through chill air the puffs of milkweed hover.


  1. Great post....thanks for participating in National Poetry Month festivities. I'll be doing things all month.

  2. Thanks for all the poetry links, there were a couple I hadn't found yet. I'm going to post a poem by my favorite poet, Billy Collins, every day this month. I posted the first one today.


  3. Serena - I'll keep checking on your poetry doings this month as well!

    Kim - love Billy Collins! I'll pop over and check out your American links; mine are mostly to Canadian sources.


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