Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April Bliss!

And turning from post-modern and gritty realist poetry of the past few years, I arrive at the lyrical 19th century vagabond of verse, Bliss Carman! I know some people roll their eyes at his name, but I have a fondness for rhyming, last century verse. His poem The Grave-Tree was one I loved back in school days, and here is one specially for this poetry month. (how often do you get to use the word 'swoon' these days?) Enjoy! ;)

Under the April Moon

Oh, well the world is dreaming

Under the April moon,
Her soul in love with beauty,
Her senses all a-swoon!

Pure hangs the silver crescent
Above the twilight wood,
And pure the silver music
Wakes from the marshy flood.

O Earth, with all thy transport,
How comes it life should seem
A shadow in the moonlight,
A murmur in a dream?

Bliss Carman


  1. We ought to use "swoon" more often. It's so descriptive - the arc of the descent...

  2. I like this one alot...thanks for sharing it.

  3. I use "swoon" as often as I can. It's such a perfect word.

    And I still love this sort of poetry too, last century or this. It takes a special skill to be able to craft a poem within specific conventions (the rules for a sonnet, having to rhyme, all that stuff) and still make it beautiful and not ridiculous.

  4. teabird - yes, you're right, the sound of the word is suited to the action

    serena - you're welcome!

    Phyl - I agree with you, it is a difficult thing to work within those poetic conventions and when it works it is very satisfying.


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