Thursday, March 19, 2009

This week's Library Loot

Library Loot is a weekly event sponsored by Eva and Alessandra

I haven't posted about my library books for a couple of weeks now; Eva's latest haul has inspired me, so here are the books I've brought home from the library this week (although they are equal to only a fraction of Eva's optimistic stack!).

A stand alone story by the author of the Benni Harper mysteries (which I love). This one has some of the Benni characters showing up in 'cameos', so to speak, but is not a mystery. It's a story of a woman and her estranged granddaughter, set in coastal California, full of small town characters and values.

What happens when a woman who has worked as a (fake) psychic all her life discovers she really has the gift? It screws up her business and her life -- until she can figure out how to deal with her new reality. (I've already read half and am enjoying it. And it has a great cover.)

Audrey Flowers (called Oddly by her family) has to fly home to Newfoundland from Portland Oregon when her father gets very ill. She has to leave her pet tortoise in the hands of friends. She has a quirky way of speaking and her tortoise shares some of the narration. This all seems way too intentionally fey to be something I'd want to read. But, I was convinced to pick up this debut Canadian novel by Kerry's review.

The Outlander / Gil Adamson

I'm sure most people know the plot by now; Mary, at 19, widowed by her own hand, is fleeing through the backwoods country of Alberta from the vengeance of her former husband's brothers. A recent Canada Reads choice, I finally got my copy I've had on hold at work for ages.

Something crafty to get me sewing again. Who doesn't need a new bag for Spring? There are 25 designs in this book, and they are not all just variations on the same pattern as I have found in some books. These are 25 great ideas -- can't wait to get started. And Megan also has a really nice crafty blog.

This is all I could handle this week what with the high number of books on my own shelves waiting for their turn!


  1. The Grift sounds like fun! And I need to get sewing again too-I was frustrated by a dress I was working on not fitting right, but I need to get over that.

  2. Hope you love Come, Thou... Glad I could convince you and I hope the book lives up.

  3. I added The Outlander to my holds list at the library.... I was number 22 on the waiting list! So, I think I will just buy it in the future.

  4. Come Thou Tortoise sounds like it could have potential. I love things turtle/tortoise so please report back on this one. I also get a kick every time I see Earlen Fowler's name. I have never read one of her books but my mom's name is Earlene. She definitely reads Fowler's books!

  5. Eva - my first dress I ever made, I sewed the skirt on inside out. It almost put me off sewing altogether!

    Kerry - I'm getting in to it...

    Kailana - I was around #22 also, but we have about 6 copies so it finally came to me. Now I have to read it!

    Stefanie - I've never heard of another Earlene! Neat. My mom would like these books also; they incorporate a lot of faith/church themes, which I don't usually read. But I like EF as a writer and enjoy these ones nonetheless.


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