Saturday, January 03, 2009

Booklovers' links for the New Year

Here's a book we all need as we head into another year of reading from our vast lists. I was tempted when I found a mention of this in January Magazine; reviewer Steven Miller summarizes it in the following way:

In just five short chapters, Leveen explores audio books (one of my New Year’s resolutions is to be less snobbish about reading a book with my ears), how to develop a sensible “to be read” list (which he agreeably calls a “List of Candidates”), how to regain the feeling of being in “book love,” and offers a passionate defense of marginalia (the writers of which he calls “footprint leavers”).


Don't forget, you have until the 6th to enter my giveaway for Laura Miller's The Magician's Book. But there is another one I'd like to point out.

Remember when I talked about local author R.J. Anderson's faerie story, Knife? Well, she's giving a copy away and you can enter until Jan. 8. This book looks great, and you'll have a chance to read one of the first copies. And when you click over you can also read a few of her entertaining posts!

And just because it's beautiful, take a look at the Vancouver based Regional Assembly of Text. What a store! If you like stationary and paper goods as well as vintage typewriters, you'll wish you lived in Vancouver. I love their idea of regular letter writing nights. I need to get back in the habit of sending postal mail; I used to quite often!


  1. I'm tempted to read The Little Guide just for the advice on audio books. I have a short attention span when it comes to listening.

    And thanks for the link to your husband's post on The End of the Alphabet!

  2. This Guide sounds very interesting. I need it to be able to handle my TBR pile!

    As for audio books - I don't think I am a snob, I just don't seem to have the patience to sit through a book reading. Anyway, I still prefer having the touch of the book in my hands - which is why I hate ebooks and Kindles.

  3. One of my nieces and I decided to share a New Year's resolution to write more letters/notes. We've agreed that if nothing else, once a month we'll send each other a letter or note through the mail.

    And the funny thing is, I love to write letters - I guess e-mail has just made me lazy ...

  4. I so agree about the letter-writing! I did quite a lot of it, even just 9 years ago when I moved to Toronto (even though most of the recipients had email). I love nice stationery and the look of hand-written letters.

    And I think I really need to see that book by Leveen.

  5. I entered the KNIFE contest, not just because I want to read the book - but also because I like the title and cover BETTER for the UK version. Heh. If I can, I'd like to own a copy of each.
    Happy new year to you, by the way!

  6. For really appreciating books, Leveen should discuss Litblogs.

  7. Softdrink - I find audio books difficult as well; I'm easily distracted.

    Tina - the part on the TBR sounds quite interesting, it's why I'd like to read the Leveen book.

    Bridget - that's a great plan. I used to have 5 or 6 regular penpals and we've just let it slide in the last couple of years. Email I suppose.

    Phyl - all the nice stationery and pens and envelopes are one of the reasons I loved writing letters. I have to start again!

    Cat - I prefer the UK cover as well. Good luck!

    John - You're preaching to the choir! I so agree. I think this book was first published in 03 though, so might be a little behind on the scene.

  8. Thank you for the suggestion of Steve Leveen's book. I immediately put a hold on it at my library and I am anxious to read it when it becomes available.


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