Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009, International Year of Astronomy

I enjoyed reading along with International Polar Year in 07/08, and think following along with the International Year of Astronomy will also be fun. Their site has lots to explore, including a blog called Cosmic Diary, written by a large group of international astronomers, a large selection of images as part of an Earth to the Universe project, a whole project about Dark Skies, and many other things to discover.

I think that this will fit in perfectly to the Science Book Challenge -- I'll read astronomy books as part of my ongoing challenge. I have one on hand right now that I was thinking of reading:

And to give you a bit of a laugh, not taking ourselves too seriously:


  1. Cool. I will study skies.

  2. What a fabulous idea Melanie! More astronomy is always good. Myself, I just finished The Birth of Time, by John Gribbin, about how astronomers measured the age of the universe. It was great. I'm writing about it now.

  3. LOL That cartoon is so excellent!

  4. The chickens are always a nice addition to a post. :-D

  5. Heather, Softdrink - I love the chickens. ;)

    Jeff - I tried one of Gribbin's last year but didn't get very far; I had too many books on the go at the time. Perhaps I will try again after I finish the one I mentioned here. (I've just been distracted by another earth science-y book)


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