Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Canada Reads, again

The 5 panelists and their chosen books have just been announced for Canada Reads. If you follow this event, you know that it is a group of Canadian 'celebrities' who discuss and debate which book of the five choices all of Canada should read. The debate and vote takes place March 2-6, so you have until then to read one or all of the following books, if you want to join the fray:

The Outlander / Gil Adamson
defended by Nicholas Campbell
blog reviews:
Wendy at Caribousmom

The Book of Negroes / Lawrence Hill
defended by Avi Lewis
blog reviews:
Jen at The Keepin' It Real Bookclub
Aaron at InkNoire

Fruit / Brian Francis
defended by Jen Sookfong Lee
blog reviews:

Mercy among the children / David Adams Richards
defended by Sarah Slean
blog reviews:
Framed from Framed & Booked

blog reviews:
none found yet


  1. thanks for posting this, I was wondering what the books would be. It's such an interesting premise, so very CBC.

    Have you read any yet? I think I have the Richards book here to read, and a friend has raved about The Book of Negroes. Looks like a place to start.

  2. Just a quick note: "Brian Lewis" should be "Brian Francis"

    And I'm hoping to read all 5! :)

  3. Raidergirl - I haven't actually read any of them yet, but Outlander is waiting in the TBR.

    Jen - I said/typed his name wrong a number of times and thought I had corrected it! I think I have a mental block around his name, poor guy. Thanks for the heads up!!

  4. Here's a review of Fruit to get things rolling! Hopefully only one of many more to come!


    Cheers! Jen


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