Thursday, November 06, 2008

7 Random Facts - Book edition

Michele at Reader's Respite has tagged me for this meme -- I have not done a meme in quite a while now so this is the perfect time to try this one out!

So here are seven bookish facts about me:

1. I am a librarian and I always have loads of library books at home. (properly checked out, of course.)

2. When I was about 12 I decided to put spine labels and pockets with date due cards on all my books. Fortunately I didn't have very many of my own at the time! I recall forcing my friend Laurie to help me all of one afternoon when she'd rather have been playing outside. I still have my copy of Anne of Green Gables with the pocket and spine label attached with yellowing scotch tape. I wrote them all in pink. Weird.

3. I have to be reading more than one book at a time. I think it's because I'm mostly a "mood reader" and have to have a variety of options to pick from depending on how I feel.

4. The first book I ever bought for myself was Watership Down, in Grade 4. I had a gift certificate from my teacher and chose WD because it was big and fat and looked wonderful. Even though the bookstore owner tried to talk me into something more 'age appropriate', my Mom stood up for me

5. I could read before I went to school but have no memory of ever learning how.

6. I lived in the basement of a library for seven years.

7. I really like rereading old favourites, mostly to remind myself what I was like when I first read them. This works especially well with obscure, non-literary books which I haven't heard many people talk about; my original reactions remain clearer for those ones.

I am not sure who to tag for this one who hasn't already done it! But if it interests you and you'd like to share your bookish oddities with us, please leave a comment letting us know. I am always interested in a bibliophile's quirks!


  1. That sounds pretty cool to live in the basement of a library! I also like to have a few books going at one time.

  2. I'll take this on. I'm always up for reading and sharing quirks.

  3. I enjoyed reading this very much. Someone tagged me for this and I haven't posted it yet, I should do it I guess. You reminded me that as children we had to make our own book covers for all our school books and what fun it was.

  4. I also learned to read before school, and don't remember the process. My mother read to me a lot and I think I just absorbed it. I cannot remember a time when I was unable to read.

    I like re-reading favorite books too, but for different reasons. I like to rediscover them, and see what parts of the text make an impression on me that didn't before, or what parts of the story I understand differently, having grown and changed myself. I always find something new to learn or enjoy when I read a book multiple times.

  5. "I lived in the basement of a library for seven years."

    Wow, how did you manage to live in the basement of a library for 7 years??

  6. I also have to read more than one book at a time. To stick with just one would be like doggedly chewing a piece of gum long after the flavor was gone.

  7. I'm cruious about how you ended up living in the basement of a library, too. Please tell!

  8. I'll look forward to seeing all your quirks, too!
    As for living in a library; well, I worked in an old library with an apt from the 40's in the basement, made for the building custodian. My husband and I worked for the library and lived in the apt. (the commute was great - but I was still late every morning!)

  9. PS - the kitchen stove was the original 40's one, and worked better than the one I have now. And so cute!

  10. wow that's a fantastic in the library basement and you were still late every morning...LOL I would probably be sooo early and reading books until it was time to start work. LOL

  11. I suspect living in the basement of a library would work strongly for or against anyone developing a love of books.

  12. Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only one who put spine labels on my books when I was a kid. Haha! No return cards though, but I had my own dewey decimal system going in my bedroom.

    I should have been a librarian, but I couldn't even finish my BA, heck if I was going to try and get an MA! ;)

  13. I was curious about the living in the basement of a library too - so thanks for the details. That sounds like the subject of a cool book!


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