Friday, October 03, 2008

Weekly Geeks 19: Best Books of 2008..... so far

This week, the WG theme is to list your top books published in 2008. I've been thinking about it all week, but have just squeaked in before the end of the week with my list. Here were the rules:

1. Compile your list of favorites. Please be sure that books you choose actually were published in 2008, or at the very earliest in the winter holiday season of 2007. Sometimes books that come out then are left out.

2. Come back and sign Mr Linky with the url to your top books of
2008 post.

3. If you happen to see any non-WG bloggers making similar lists, please grab the url and come put it in Mr Linky for them. Let them know you’re doing that, please, in case they have some sort of objection; if they do, they can ask me to remove their link. I’ve already seen a couple favorites of 2008 posts, which is another reason I wanted to get started early.

4. Feel free to make changes to your list if you read something new
in the next few weeks.

This year I've been reading far more new books than ever before, mostly thanks to all the ARCs and the suggestions from other bloggers that I then pick up at the library. I usually read a lot of classics/1920's-40's kind of books but this year it's been a lot of NEW, like so new they haven't been published by the time I've finished them New. So without further ado, here's my list of the favourite 10 I've read just so far this year.

Blackouts / Craig Boyko

Atmospheric Disturbances / Rivka Gal-Chen

The Laughter of Dead Kings / Elizabeth Peters

First among Sequels / Jasper Fforde

Odd Hours / Dean Koontz

Three Bags Full / Léonie Swann

Blasted / Kate Story

The Lace Reader / Brunonia Barry

A Version of the Truth / Jennifer Kaufman & Karen Mack (released Dec. 26, 2007)

The Loser's guide to Life & love / A.E. Cannon (YA)


  1. If you accept suggestions about books to read from other bloggers, may I make one? "Outcasts Of Skagaray" can be previewed by reading the sample chapters on It is an action adventure story which aims to entertain but deals with serious issues. If you decide to read it I will be glad to know what you think. Best wishes, anyway, from one reader to another.

  2. Technically, I think the Lace Reader was published before; but it is a fabulous book and one I greatly enjoyed. I always think about getting into Koontz, but haven't yet. Great list.

  3. Bookchronicle - you're right, The Lace Reader was self-published earlier than 2008 but the HarperCollins edition I read was only available as of this summer. And I really did like it. :)

  4. I soooo want to read The Lace Reader, but it seems like every time I pick up the book there's something going on in everyday life that pulls me away from it. Ugg!


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