Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vampiric Winner

Ok, so on the stroke of midnight, appropriately enough, I wrote everybody's names on a slip and tossed them all into a lovely brass bowl near the computer. I then enlisted my husband to toss them around a bit and pick one out, with the result that the winner of this vampire novel and vampire repelling tea is:


Thanks everyone for joining in, and remember, if this tea really intrigues you, you can pop over to Distinctly Tea's website to get some of your own. Just give them a call.


  1. You changed your template again didn't you? I like it! Very fresh and light.

  2. Hi Mel: I had totally forgotten that I had actually visited that store when I was in Stratford to see Jonathan Crombie (quite a few years ago) when he appeared in a play there.

    Thanks for the memories!

    I just finished Mary Rubio's book (this thing is a brick) and I will be posting my review shortly. I would love to know what you thought of the book when you are done.

  3. DuckThief - yes, indeed I have! I can't help myself... :)

    Serena - keep your eye on this space...I'll be participating in the next BAFAB in January too.

    Tina - must have been a while ago to see Jonathan Crombie! You should come down again sometime. I haven't finished the Mary Rubio yet (it IS huge!) but am anticipating learning more about her last years, esp. with Chester.

  4. Oh! Really?
    I never win anything from blogs, so this is really exciting! I shall email you with my contact info asap!

    *happy dance*


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