Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election returns and an endless Challenge

Warning: I don't follow politics much and don't like arguing about them, but this is a post with political content. Sorry.

I am feeling a little down today, even if it is my birthday. Thanks, Canada, for the great gift of another Conservative government and more of Stephen Harper. I suppose counting small mercies I can take some comfort in the fact that it's a minority government, and really, the other choices weren't so great either.
The only person more downcast today must be Yann Martel, that is if he intends to continue his project of sending Harper a book every 2 weeks. (bet he wishes he had decided on one a month, now). Martel seems stubborn enough to continue with this project, and if so, we will have a ready made reading challenge ahead for us for the next 4 years. (4 years because I'm sure now that Harper's got back in he won't bend the election laws again to hold another unnecessary election). Guess I'd better hurry up with that list o' books I haven't read yet. Last night while listening to election returns on CBC radio I began to read Tomson Highway's The Rez Sisters, realizing that the list was only going to keep growing. I wonder if Martel is taking suggestions?


  1. I hope you end up having a Happy Birthday anyway! And I hope I'm not posting something similar on Nov. 5 (minus the birthday part). :-)


  2. Happy birthday, Melanie! Sorry that your birthday had to fall on such a depressing day. I'm right there with you on wondering how the heck we could elect another Conservative government.

    I love Martel's project (he write great letters every two weeks!), but I'm also betting he wishes he hadn't committed to every two weeks! I recently mentioned this project to several people and one also wondered if he was taking suggestions. I didn't see any way of getting in touch with him on his site (though maybe I just missed it).

  3. Happy birthday, even if we know we'll likely have another election in a year or so. ;)

    Heard on the news that this was the lowest voter turn out ever. I think if we keep having an election ever 1-2 years and nothing ever changes it will just get lower. I don't think we care anymore. :P

    I hope you get something better than a Conservative Gov't for your birthday today! :)

  4. Hey cheer up. It's your birthday. Don't let things like politics get in the way!!!

  5. Happy birthday all the way from Texas!

  6. Happy Birthday.

    I too am a little down about the election. More angry though. What, asides from blowing a lot of our money and time, did it accomplish? With the exception of a few minor seat changes, we have the same excuse for a government as we had before. And I'm annoyed with all the opposition parties too. It's time everyone had a complete overhaul, get someone in their that will actually pose a threat to Harper's career.

  7. Lezlie - I hope not, as well!

    Avisannschild - kind of hard to take, isn't it? I couldn't see any "contact me" info on Martel's site either. I might have to pull a few strings and get someone I know who knows someone he knows to ask him about it! ;)

    Cat - I just don't get it that people don't vote. Don't they appreciate participatory democracy, even if there really isn't anyone inspiring to vote for?

    John - EXACTLY! How much money was wasted in this exercise? Very offputting.

    And everyone, thanks so much for the birthday greetings -- it's really cheered me up!

  8. Happy Birthday!

    The politicians blew around $300 million on this pointless exercise. But you can take heart in the fact that minority government usually don't last more than two years. Just think, soon we'll have to do this all over again. How fun.

  9. Hey there. I just saw your blog, linked from Book Blogs. And I totally share your sentiments on how things went in the election.

    But I hope you had a good birthday anyway.

    I'm going to friend you on Book Blogs, as a fellow Ontarian. :-) I'm Phyl G there. (And although it shows that I have blogs here at Blogspot, I've moved them to WordPress now.)


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