Friday, August 15, 2008

We Interrupt this Broadcast to Bring You an Olympic Moment

Just a quick note -- even though I am not in any way a sports-minded person, I've been watching a bit of the Olympics online. This is only because my cousin, Sherraine Schalm, was fencing. Sherraine unfortunately didn't do as well as she'd hoped and expressed her feelings, which were then picked up by tv and made into quite a huge deal with people freely sharing their opinions of either her 'honesty' or her 'unsportmanslike behaviour', depending on their point of view. I have no comment on any of that; just wanted to acknowledge her efforts to get to the Olympics in the first place.
And because this is a book blog, I do have to note as well that she's written a memoir of sorts, published a couple of years ago, called Running with Swords. If you're at all curious about fencing you may find it interesting.


  1. You've got a cousin in the Olympics? That's so cool! I haven't heard anything about the controversy you mention but then I've only been watching on TV and reading Google headlines and nobody, unfortunately, mentions fencing. Too bad Sherraune didn't do as well as she had hoped. But please extend my heartfelt congratulations to her. Anyone who can make it to the Olympics is a success.

  2. Stefanie - I think the controversy is a bit of a Canadian tempest in a teapot. We have no medals yet so they have to have something to talk about! :)


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