Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meme of Me

Oh, look, a meme I'd forgotten to do! Eva at A Striped Armchair tagged me for this one while I was in Ukraine and in all the kerfuffle since, this fun meme completely slipped my mind. Just the thing for this week!

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Ten years ago...that would be '98, let's see... I was living in Montreal and working 3 part-time jobs in 3 different libraries. The world of the new librarian is not a glamorous one!

Five Snacks I enjoy in a perfect, non weight-gaining world:

1. Chocolate, pure milk chocolate.

2. Hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles

3. Fresh scones with homemade jam

4. Chocolate chip cookie dough (vegan so I can eat it raw!)

5. A nice fluffy cupcake or slice of pound cake

Five Snacks I Enjoy in the Real World:

1. Rice crackers and Salsa

2. Melons and peaches, especially at this time of year

3. Frozen peas. Seriously, they're good.

4. Apples

5. Sesame seed protein bars

Five Jobs I Have Had:

1. Deli counter staff (2 summers - and hard work!)

2. Nanny (worst job EVER!!!)

3. Housemaid (wearing a black dress and frilly apron; lasted one day)

4. Ticket seller for a service club raffle - I did this boring job for an entire summer

5. Various permutations of librarian's work

Three of My Habits:

1. At this time of year I habitually get into a domestic groove and make jam.

2. While making jam -- or during any other lengthy cooking foray -- I must listen to Abba. Preferably Abba Gold so I can sing along in my lovely Abba-esque voice...

3. I always take my shoes off inside the house and ask anyone else visiting to do the same. I hate the thought of walking around my house with the same shoes that were on the sidewalk.

Five Things I Would Do if I Was a Billionaire:

1. Quit my job! :)

2. Set up educational and/or charitable grants to support the arts and literacy

3. Buy new clothes once in a while

4. Have nice flats in all the cities I'd love to live in, so I could live in them alternately

5. Give lots of money away

Five Places I’ve Lived:

1. Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

2. Montreal, Quebec

3. Stratford, Ontario

And that's it...

Five People I Want to Know Better:

(i.e.: the tags! )
I'm never sure who to tag but I do know I like reading strange little tidbits about my fellow bloggers! So if you'd like to try this one, feel free to run with it. Just let me know in the comments so I'll be sure to see your answers, too. :)


  1. You make jam? I am impressed. I am always afraid the bottles will explode when I boil them :) But, we have to talk about the whole ABBA thing!!!!

  2. Very interesting! I really enjoyed being a nanny, but it was for my niece, so a different situation than if I was dealing with strangers. :)

  3. Tina - ha ha! In recent years I've taken to making mostly freezer jam since I'm making such small batches. No explosions there.

    Eva - yes, I can imagine it would be a lot more bearable if it was your niece you were caring for. I worked for a family of nutbars.


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