Saturday, July 19, 2008

2nd Canadian Book Challenge list

Here I am madly trying to get back into my reading routine --but while I am working on a few reviews of things I've finished recently, I also thought I'd make a list of some of the books I'd like to read for the Canadian Book Challenge, Pt. 2! I really enjoyed John's challenge last year and think of it as my Must-Read activity (even if I didn't make it to 13 last time round!)

I was considering reading one book from every province, as I did last year, but he's provided so many ideas, 13 to be exact, for other ways of tackling the Challenge that I am not sure which way I'll choose! Perhaps I will do the decide-as-I-go way; 13 books by 13 different authors, or set in 13 different provinces & territories, or choose 13 first novels, or 13 books by one author, or 13 set in one province. Hmmm. Will have to think. Maybe 13 I've always meant to read which have been sitting on my shelves or TBR for a while.

Here are my current thoughts on books I'd like to put on this list:

Holding my breath /Sidura Ludwig - this Winnipeg centred novel looks fascinating, and since I just received a new copy from the author at Book Expo this year, I really want to read it.

Saltsea / David Helwig -- I really enjoyed his novella Smuggling Donkeys in last year's Challenge, so am enthusiastic about this full-length novel set in PEI.

Jump / Marianne Ackerman -- I've had a copy of this book, set in Montreal, on my shelves since I lived in Montreal, so I think it is time to read it!

Fever / Sharon Butala -- either this or another of her short story collections set mostly in Saskatchewan; I could count it toward the Short Story challenge as well!

Rogue Wedding / Terry Griggs -- this starts off just down the road in London, Ontario, and looks like a lively, entertaining read, written by an author I've been lucky enough to meet.

The Valley / Gayle Friesen -- I've enjoyed her YA novels, and this first adult novel, set in BC and talking about growing up in a Mennonite family, intrigues me.

I'll have to think about a few more for the other provinces, and I am sure that the new fall lists will provide me with even more inspiration. But this is my current working list. I just love Challenges! :)


  1. I haven't heard of a single one of these titles! That's exciting; I love reading about books that are completely unknown to me (although it gets me in terrible trouble). Can't wait for your reviews. :)

  2. I've heard of Saltsea, but I didn't realize it was set in PEI. I think I know my pick for that province now-- thanks!


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