Sunday, June 15, 2008

Reading List?!

Following upon my last post, now is about the time to start worrying about my travel reading list! What should I take with me? Paperbacks, probably, or trade paper -- nothing too heavy, and I do want to leave room to bring books back with me, which I am certain to buy while I am there! Should I take mainly Ukrainian books and immerse myself in Slavic things? Should I take a nice mix of Canadian classics and new ARCs (the number of which will only increase after Book Expo this week...)? AARGH! Too many to choose from.

Something I must keep in mind, however, are the rules of the airline. On their website, under section is stated:

In excess of the established standard of free baggage transportation, the Passenger has a right to transport items, which he/she might need at the time of boarding, disembarkation or flight, if they are in passenger’s use and are not put into checked or unchecked baggage, and do not weight more than 5 kg. Such items include:

-Reasonable amount of reading material for reading during the flight

Uh oh. What do they consider reasonable? Will they tell me, no, sorry ma'am but you're going to have to leave that copy of War & Peace with us. It is not reasonable to expect you'll be able to read the whole thing in one flight! Besides, I'm sure it weighs more than 5 kg on its own...

Some of my ideas at present include:

The Master and Margarita / Bulgakov (after all, I should be reading him when I visit his museum & monument!)

Anne of Green Gables -- to remind myself of Canada and the blog Kate has set up for Anne readers this year

Various challenge reads, like Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook, or a science book.

Some light reading: a new review copy I've been sent of The Church of the Dog by Kaya McLaren, or an ARC of Poppy Adams' The Sister, or perhaps a new YA...

I have a few more days to whittle this down -- any suggestions appreciated!


  1. I'd definitely go with a science book: light-weight, high-density reading that can help you sleep on the plane.

  2. I`d take a mixture of books so you can change things up.

    Reading material for the plane depends on the length of the flight and when it is. When I left for Greece it was at night so I spent most of the flight sleeping.

    If you`re into fantasy I would suggest Katherine Kurtz`s Chronicle of the Deryni trilogy. They`re not too long but I found them very satisfying.

    How long are you going for? Are you planning to take in any touristy sites?

  3. Do enjoy your trip and the Bulgakov. . . . it's not light but it is wonderful, at least to me.

  4. If it was me, I'd want to take light reading. I think all of the excitement and new experiences would have my brain overloaded so I'd want books that didn't make me think too much. I'd also consider taking books that I wouldn't mind leaving behind, especially if I was planning to go book shopping while I was there. I'd never leave enough room in my luggage.

    Have a great time!

  5. sorry no suggestions, your list seems great. I do have to laugh at the "reasonable" reading material. What is reasonable to them is certainly not the same as what is reasonable to the bookish!

  6. I think Anne of Green Gables is a fabulous book to take -- you'll enjoy it and it's hard to put down -- perfect for a plane!

  7. Jeff - I have a nice new paperback, Empire of the Stars, about dueling astronomers Eddington and Chandrasekhar; I think that would be a great one to take.

    Duck Thief - a mix is important! I read the Deryni books years ago and loved them. Maybe it's time for a reread. I'll be in Kyiv for 2 weeks and while I am planning on doing touristy things, I also want to just walk around and get a feel for my sister's favourite places (she's been there a year.

    Andi - I am looking forward to Bulgakov, that's one I know I'm taking.

    Ripley - good idea - I can leave books behind if I choose carefully!

    Stefanie - the definition of reasonable had me worried! I'm still trying to puzzle out what they mean by that.

    Dorothy - I think a nice comfort reread might be just right for the plane. But will I cry in public when Matthew dies? Hmmm.

  8. That's great. Then your sister will be able to take you to all the out of the way places that tourists don't know about.


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