Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Victoria Day!

Since it's Victoria Day here in Canada, a long weekend celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday (well, sort of, at least it's a long weekend!) I have the perfect book to share with you: Jamaica Holiday: The secret life of Queen Victoria by Jonathan Routh (London: Harmony Hall, 1984). This is a large picture book, purporting to be the true journal of Victoria's lost holiday in Jamaica. It's quite hilarious and the illustrations have the perfectly coiffed and fichued Queen doing all sorts of holiday things, such as waterskiing, and painting grafitti on cabin doors -- "God save the Queen", of course! It is a lovely and odd book I got at a library sale, and it has certainly entertained me. I've seen it mentioned by a Victoriana blogger, who notes the wonderfully eccentric index, but even if you aren't a Queen Victoria fan, this is a wonderful find. Enjoy!

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