Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dewey's Weekly Geeks

Now that it's May and I'm not laser-focused on poetry each day, I have a plethora of things I'd like to catch up on. I was thinking of a whole stack of reviews I want to get posted, I have memes to participate in, and some links to share; but then I took a look around to see what's been going on.
Lo and behold, Dewey has set up the Weekly Geeks, with the first week's assignment being to find at least 5 new blogs from those signed up so far. Well, I just spent a LOT of time on this; there are so many of the blogs I read all the time signed up (yay) but I did find a bunch of new ones. I know I'll now be busier than ever keeping up with the bookish set...

So here are 5, new to me:

She Reads Books
Anyone who says "cataloguing is my crack" is just fine by me! :)

I enjoyed looking through Ravenous Reader's posts, and feel the same kind of notebookism as she does. Books, paper and pens make me happy.

Passion for the Page
I hadn't seen this writer's blog before; thanks to Dewey's challenge I've just spent a good 20 minutes or so reading her recent posts! Fun.

Adventures in Reading
Short stories and writing and classics, oh my! This was a great discovery, with lots of recommendations right in my line.

Delightfully Dawgmatic
Kristen = Feminism + Books. Heavenly! I appreciated her take on the recent 'reading as a relationship determinant' discussion -- she supported her argument with the perfect quote from Mr. Pip. Wish I'd thought of that! Plus, her blog is pretty.

And there are so many more that I'm going to have to check out more thoroughly --

Leafing through Life (great blog name)
Random Field Notes ( an Egyptologist?! wow)
Cynical Optimism (another Melanie)
1330 V

and many more. I'll be returning to Dewey's list again, I am sure.

This has been a great exercise -- even if it does mean my husband will be tapping his feet waiting for me to get off the computer even MORE often now!


  1. I think I'm going to have to sign up for this--looks like fun. Off to check out the blogs you liked :)

  2. It was fun! Hope you find some new ones too.

  3. Wasn't it fun meeting so many new people! Thanks for adding me to your list :)

  4. I am so so behind on this! Thanks for the link. Looks like we are doing a LOT of the same challenges right now. Good Luck!

  5. AWWW. Thanks!

    And now I've found you! I am so impressed with your reading. Holy cow! I think I've added 15 books to my TBR list from your blog already!


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