Monday, February 18, 2008

Meme Round-Up

I've been tagged by Antipodean Owl to catch up on a few memes making the rounds at the moment. They are all quite entertaining to read on others' blogs so here is my go:

What else do you do to pass the leisure time?

What do I do when not reading? Well...blogging, writing (creative writing, journals, and letters to many penpals), sewing - though not as much as I used to do. I spend a lot of time cooking, as I find that very relaxing and creative. I talk to my sisters on the phone a few hours a week all together, and hang out with my funky sister-in-law and her husband. Mostly, though, I just like hanging around the house, puttering, with my husband; we chat, cook together, do housework (oh, wait, no, that's just him...), play Scrabble, watch a bit of tv - all those things that somehow contrive to use up any of the time I might have left over after reading.

123 Meme:

So the rules for this one are:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages)
2. Open the book to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence
4. Post the next three sentences.

The book on the top of the nearest pile is Rosie Thomas' Iris & Ruby :

The unfamiliar sensation is happiness. This morning the chambers of my head all seem to stand open, with their contents reassuringly accessible. I feel weak after the fever, but better than I have done for a long time.

10 Signs I've written a book:

Now, are these characteristics of the purported book, or signs in my own life that I've written one?
If characteristics of said book, then:

1. It's probably set in Canada
2. Not epic in scope
3. It wouldn't take itself too seriously
4. Might have a librarian or two in it
5. Ditto a vegetarian
6. Would be exhaustively proof-read (I hate typos!)
7. Might just be in epistolary format
8. It would make people laugh; hopefully in delight and not in derision!
9. It would be set in relatively recent times - 19th, 20th or 21st Century
10. Quotes from my admired literary inspirations would be scattered throughout

If signs in my life:

1. I wouldn't be so neurotic about writing anymore!
2. People would say "Isn't that...." as I sashay by them on the street
3. Oprah would be my new best friend
4. I wouldn't be working elsewhere
5. I could use "In my book..." as a conversational gambit
6. I would have a new 'author' signature I'd develop to make signings quick
7. All my fan mail would necessitate my hiring a personal secretary
8. I'd have permanent ink stains on my fingertips, because of course I'd have to write my novel in longhand, with my favourite fountain pen
9. I might have to offer my basement as storage for all the remainders...see E.B. White's influence!
10. I'd have to get right back to work to top myself; oh, the pressure!


  1. I like your last list -- that sounds like a nice life!

  2. I like your quote from the 123 meme. Nifty taken out of context!


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