Saturday, February 02, 2008

A bit of trawling...

Some links I've noticed lately, just for fun:

Speaking of the connections between art & science, there's a gorgeous art project online, depicting the periodic table (seen first at Petrona)

On the perils of recommending books to others, Thomas Beddoes writes in 1848 that "I shd find it hazardous, because tastes & habits, or trains of thought and study render such different things interesting to different individuals". It was ever thus! He goes on to compare various German writers.

Summarizing books as if in a police blotter makes for some interesting detective work, as you try to figure out which book is under discussion. A professor has done just that in The Chronicle of Higher Education; apparently sales of The Iliad have spiked... (seen at January Magazine)

For rabid Elizabeth Gaskell fans (ok, maybe that's just me), you can watch the entire Cranford on YouTube. Amazing; even if you don't have cable you can watch the wonderful BBC production in which so many of the great British actors appear. I loved the two previous adaptations, North & South and Wives & Daughters; I thought they were very true to the books. Cranford is a bit of a mashup of three of her books but it is lovely. (you'll need tissues) Now they have to film Mary Barton, to make me truly satisfied!


  1. So glad to hear that Cranford's on Youtube! I was bereft when it ended so now I know where to get a fix ;). Gaskell had completely passed me by for some reason but I loved Cranford and the other two stories - she's so funny and moving at times...she's definitely an author I'm going to read a lot more of!

  2. I know that here in the U.S., Masterpiece Theater (or whatever it's new "improved" name is, will be showing Cranford in the fall.

    I've already seen it, but will likely watch it again, it's so good ...

  3. I"m so excited about Cranford--I had no idea they had even made it. I love the novel! Thanks for this!


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