Wednesday, January 30, 2008

RIP, Robert Weaver

I heard today that Robert Weaver has passed away, at age 87. I discovered him just a short while ago, when I read a new book on his legacy called Robert Weaver: Godfather of Canadian Literature. While the book was officially launched in Montreal in November, there is a Toronto launch planned for today; his family wishes it to go forward, and I imagine it will be a very moving memorial to him from many of the authors and literary types he influenced and promoted. If only there were more people like Robert Weaver.


  1. I don't know who he is!!! And that makes me feel like such the self-absorbed, silly American. Eeek!

  2. Don't worry, Andi. I didn't know who he was until I read the book I mentioned, just a while ago. He was HUGE in the development of CanLit but of course I wasn't really paying much attention to all that in elementary school!


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